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Session objectives


Art at Burton Street

We run morning and afternoon art sessions at Burton Street as part of our disabilities service with plenty of resources and space for clients to explore expression and processes in a safe environment with peers.

Art Skills – A session designed to be both a place of relationships and community alongside a nourishing environment for the creative expression of people’s individual artistic talents and exploration of their capacity for creation and the creative arts.


Articulate – Promotion of individually developed artistic practice with a view to enable communication of ideas, involvement in planning and co-ordinating exhibitions of their works to build confidence and provide a more professional experience to their practice.

 Our Goals 

To create a dedicated art space for Learning Disability Visual Arts in Sheffield. Running exhibitions, workshops and opening as a Sheffield Safe Places community coffee shop.

Are you an organisation who could work with us to help make this happen?

Get in contact to find out more about our work and any feedback about the website would help us improve it.

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